Welcome to Gravinaytor! The ultimate laboratory where anyone can explore the wonders of gravity in this fascinating physics puzzle game. Bend gravity to your advantage as you traverse through 40 colorful levels and solve the game’s mind bending puzzles! Each level has a unique twist on the gravity arrow mechanic. No levels require guesswork, just platforming ability and good use of the gravity arrow mechanic.

This is one game that actually makes you think! Based on the Flash version which has been played over 25,000,000 times world wide, but optimized for iPhone


-Over 60 lines of cute voice acting by the evil maniac who is trying to keep you locked up -The classic retro platforming of the old days, with a modern twist -Flawless physics that recreate the real world -The 35 original levels of Gravinaytor, + 5… That’s 5 more levels jam packed with gravity based fun!
-Gorgeous and detailed pixel art and backgrounds

Just remember, if you like Portal then you will certainly like Gravinaytor with yet another “escape-the-laboratory” theme + a satisfying ending.

Not sure you want to buy it yet? Well we’ve got a solution for that!
Turn on your computer and play the free flash version if you still aren’t convinced!

Gravinaytor for iPhone